Thursday, 22 May 2014

Final Evaluation for FMP

Over the seven weeks of my FMP I have been working towards creating a motion graphic. My end outcome was a motion graphic film and therefore I met my original project proposal. As well as this I have designed and created business cards, tattoo transfers and some type banners. This did differ from my original project proposal as I thought I would make an information pack. However as I developed my project I realised that I needed to excite my target audience in new and fun ways. Therefore I chose against the information pack and decided to go with more interacting things such as a tattoo transfer design which my target audience could put on.

During the course of the FMP I have been using a blog, an action plan and a sketchbook In order to show how my process. Having these three different components to document and review has been very helpful. I have been using my blog to really map out my thoughts and connect things which I have looked at and made. I also like to use my blog as sort of an image bank where in which if I see anything which I like I put it onto my blog so that I can keep looking back at it. My blog has overall been really important as it has allowed me to keep going over what I have looked at in a quick way. Another really vital thing to note about keeping a blog specifically for this project is the fact I am able to upload my video tests.

This is something which I cannot put in a sketchbook as it doesn’t allow me to show motion. By having this I can illustrate my process even further. Another method to show my method of learning is my sketchbook. My sketchbook really helps me plan out my designs and document physical things I love for instance the business cards I picked up from the Pick me up exhibition so I stuck them into my sketchbook allowing me to keep coming back to them. I think it is really important to have physical work and process. In my eyes it sparks off more ideas than just looking at a screen. Even just feeling texture gave me so many ideas. I used an action plan lastly to really manage my time. As the project stretches over seven weeks it is easy to go off the project however using the action plan I could constantly see where I am and where I needed to be. This distinction allowed me to strive to meet targets.

In my action plan I made three main targets: Use lots of different techniques and range of materials when exploring. To use Primary and Secondary researches in order to create my outcome and to create a final outcome these fits with my brief and appear in the FE Exhibition show. Overall I feel like I have met all three of these targets. I have used many different techniques and processes in the development stages. This including: Documentary style videos, illustrations, type development, mono printing, pattern development and looking at after effects. If I had more time I would have liked to have further explore the development stages as I feel I could have made an even more developed final piece. I have been able to form a huge amount of research, looking at books, the internet, visiting exhibition, talking first hand to people, watching TV documentaries and viewing films. I think if anything I went over slightly on the research time which limited the time spent on the other targets. I created a final motion graphic and other items that work very well within my exhibition space.

Throughout this FMP project I have been able to develop many ideas. At the beginning of the project I carried a lot of developed research stage which really led me to create even more informed development work. I started out my development stages which focusing on colours; this is after I looked at such artists as Morag Myerscough who uses a lot of colour. After looking at colour I moved onto pattern development which was inspired by such artists as M.C Esher and the Book of Kells. I applied the pattern and colour development onto photographs and life drawings that I carried out during the time. I also looked at film work filming myself and putting it onto YouTube and looking at the software creating little film testers. I also used different methods such as mono printing, I really loved the colour combination I did and I was able to use this in my final piece. All of these elements really did alter how my final outcome developed itself.

During the FMP one of the most important elements of my project is the crits and group discussions. Every time people were looking at my work they were proposing ideas or suggesting things which triggered loads of ideas and ultimately kept my work flowing. One of my suggestions for instance was to create loads of film testers, this was such a good idea that I tried to create lots of different shorts to go on my Blog. Other times I was told to keep creating more action plans even if it is just for one week only as this will keep time management going. We were also given the chance to have midpoint reviews allowing students to look at my work and me to there’s. There was a lot of praise, everyone pointed at making my outcome more clear which is what I went on to do. Throughout the process constantly I was having conversations with other students and there was a great amount of dialect which meant fellow students kept giving me so many different things to look at.

Within this project there are certain things which I would have tackled differently if I could redo my work. The first being would defiantly be time management. During the second week I got put back as we carried out a creative making session collaborating with other pathways. This put me back, however if I had kept looking back over my action plan I feel I could keep on track and give me more time to create my final outcome. I would have also liked to develop my work on pattern design, I feel like I began developing this concept to close to the ending of the FMP for me to take them anywhere. I have developed so many skills whilst doing this project. This being my developed skills of After effects a programme I will be using for my degree course of motion graphics next year.

I also have begun becoming stricter with my selection process something which will be very valuable for my career and course next year. Finally I feel I have been able to give constructive criticism to my other peers and giving suggestions for them to carry out. Next year I will be carrying my first year of Motion Graphics at Ravensbourne. The skills I have learnt from the FMP and foundation will really help drive my work to be as successful as possible. 

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