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Week 6 Creating week

Author's Own, 2014
Author's Own, 2014
Week 6 is the penultimate week and will be the week that I begin making. As I feel I am slightly behind in my process I have created a schedule which I need to follow in order to reach my final outcome in time. As I am making a motion graphic it is actually fundamental that I get my work ready in time not just to reach the Friday time but also to leave time to render, edit time, add audio and to be compiled on a graphic show reel. I think that this is so incredibly tight that I really need to buckle down and follow my schedule tightly.  This week it was vital that I scrutinize myself and push to get it all ready in time for the final week! To the left and below you can see some of the story boarding I have started to develop in my sketchbook. When designing I tried to use influence from M.C Esher and Morag to achieve a beautiful colour palette and intricate pattern.
Author's Own, 2014

Author's Own, 2014
Above are some of the story boarding concepts I tried to produce. I like the use of colour I used as I feel it allowed me to really imagine how the finish outcome could work with a colourful palette.  Morag Myerschough was one of my biggest inspiration during these stages of development. The colourful palette relevant in the studios work is something I really wanted to achieve within my work. I think adding these vibrant colours reaches my target audience. I was worried that not using the colour red will make my video clip not relevant to donating blood. I think doing this process really allowed me to place lots of  ideas the next thing I need to do is pinpoint my final chosen idea and develop an animatic.

Above is a test I did using one of my thumbnail
s as inspiration, I wanted to see if I was able to recreate some of my visuals and allow me to play around with the software especially as I haven't used the programme in a month or so. It was a nice practice and did allow me to see how my finished piece could look like. I think it also showed me how adding some detail can be effectively. It did take much longer than I initially though which makes me think about how quickly I need to start with my motion graphic in order for it to be complete in time.

Mike Perry and Jessica Hische Accessed on 6/05/2014 Accessed on 6/05/2014

Above are some examples of two different typographic artists. The style are both very playful something I really want to include within my work- I think playfulness would be more relevant my young target audience. The above lettering was designed by Jessica Hische I think that these developed lettering is very beautiful and adds slight decor to change the letter form completely. I do like the limit of two colours, it works so much better than I would have initially though. I also think that the letter forms like this remind me of the book of Kells and the entwined Celtic motives within the typography. 

Differently to the above Mike Perry illustrates hand drawn typography something refreshing from clean type. I think that the wobbly lines and the lack of accuracy is really nice to look at and overall contains so much more character. It also makes me feel better about imperfection. Typography is something very important to consider within my video which is why I am glad I looked at some typographers to understand what I like and what I want to use within my final outcomes.

Author's Own, 2014 
 To the left is one of the pages I created in order to really explore pattern design. I wanted to let go and just be more playful and enjoy playing around with colour and image. I think the pages really have helped me to think what I would like to include within my motion graphic and hopefully make it a lot more fun and reach my target audience. I am adamant that I Want colour within my work this is something which has been translated throughout my sketchbooks and therefore I am confident to translate it onto my final piece. I am worried about created the motion graphic however as I am not 100% sure if it will turn out the way I hoped

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