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Development week 4

As part of the the development week I have  been really trying to explore the different ideas I began to research. So above basically shows a quick colour test showing different colour variations and possibility for stop motion when creating my final piece. I knew I really liked the anatomical body from my research stages so I used this is as a basis to show the idea of changing background colour.

 I think the constant change of colour adds another element of colour and defiantly takes away from the clinical feeling of hospitals that people sometimes get from NHS campaigns. I like that there is no red involved in this stop motion, however in my last crit it was brought up that perhaps people may not realise that the video is about donating blood, this is understandable and I think that the video above lacks the connection to blood however I also really like the Dumb ways to die video that doesn't connect the campaign of train safety until the very end as well. It makes you really change your view of your initial perspective.

Author's Own 2014
Screen grabs of my YouTube Video
Above are some print screens of a YouTube video I created to inspire people to donate blood. The video is set up in a sort of video blog which differs from my vision of a final piece. However I do like the documentary feel which is defiantly something I need to consider.

I think this interaction with a major video showing website which is amazing way to get young people to look and hopefully notice what I am saying. In the film I talk about five reason why I think people should donate blood. 1, It saves lives. 2, Its free to donate 3,Blood runs out of date. 4, It doesn't hurt 5, Free tea and biscuit! Determining important reasons as to why I think young people should donate blood will mean that I can perhaps uses these points in other designs etc.

Although this isn't really something i was thinking of doing as my final piece; I like the documentary style it allowed me to see. I think this is something which I should consider doing as a final piece or a development.

As well as this I have started to think of ways that this could be turned into a final outcome, I could perhaps tie it in with the nomination ideas of nominating people to donate blood and tag them in a video asking them to express there experiences and whether it hurt or not. I am most likely quickly going to re-create this idea but make one for Facebook. This documentary feel is similar to the Professor Von Hagen documentary which I watched- unlike this video I tried to make it simple not using excessive complex and scientific vocabulary. I also think that the nomination of three people is really like the Pay it Forward Idea which is really nice. I think ultimately this has been an effective development task as it has not only allowed me to really put my thoughts out but also it has allowed me to reach out to young people of today.

Authors Own 2014
To the left you can see one of my sketchbook pages, I felt like I should really explore the idea of pattern and push at the concept. I think the page looks more directly at illustrative pattern work and less geometric patterns which M.C Esher specialises in for instance. None the less Esher inspired me with his dramatic pattern work something I still feel really passionate about. The left image was really playful and was actually quite a lot of fun, I think especially throughout this whole foundation year I have become so much more appreciative when working away from a computer. Anyway I think as well as all of this I was finally able to really understand colours I want to use. The colours should be bright, fun and anti clinical ( I don't know if thats a work-but it seems appropriate). I left this development as it is so that I can move on but it is vital I keep coming back to it in order to really address the elements I am very focused on.

(Authors Own images 2014) Above you can see some more development that's does actually use my pattern exploration. I really wanted to think about how I could  harness my exploration so far. Furthermore I am still not really sure if I want my motion graphic to only contain graphics or if it will use footage combined. Its good to think about my target audience in this case will an animation work better will combining both look too clumsy? I painted some illustrations over some photographs I took. I think that this works really well and could really translate nicely. However this is still the start of my development and therefore I do not want to limit myself to just my first idea so I am going to carry on designing(baring the work I have look at so far in mind). 
Above is a quick storyboard I did which shows how perhaps this story could work in a video clip. I think it is nice  to see the work will look like and allows me to apply colour and really think why it may work or why it won't.
Authors Own 2014

(Authors Own image 2014) Above is the Adobe after effects test I did using some footage I quickly filmed. I do not like the second video in fact it looks like some cheesy effect you get on movie maker- I put it on here to show what I will not be doing. The first video is actually quite effective- It reminded me of a white blood cell which you can see below which is very relevant to the topic. I think it lacks colour however if I was to colour the footage or other elements it could work as white. I do not like how fast the blocks flare however something which I struggled getting over. Its important to really pin down any problems I need to solve now. 

Mid point Reviews 
(Images to the right are author's own 2014)
The mid point review was actually such an amazing experience, not only did it allow for feedback but it would allow fellow students to look through my work and give me there perspective. It was also nice to see what other crit groups thought of my work and see what they are doing. I filled out three or four sheets myself and I really liked giving constructive criticism and praise. I feel like I articulate slightly better when I put it into words so hopefully my advice was very useful.

Three people marked my work ( names and what grade they marked me overall)
Katie Edmunson: Distinction
Olivia Robinson: Distinction
Charlotte Joseph: Merit

The first thing students had to talk about research, all my feedback was very positive all stating how they think my work was very well research and a wide range of research. One person was very enthusiastic about my sketchbooks, this does make me feel more happy that my research is extensive enough to move onto my development.

The next section discusses experiments, when I presented my work there was some of my development however there was not as much as I would like as i am slightly behind on my schedule. Again everyone was very positive- all explaining how I have started well and the work I have started is really beautiful. One person emphasised there appreciation of the colours i used.  I am really glad because the colour is one of the main things i am trying to harness in order to appeal to my target audience this has confirmed it is successful to one participant. My comments of problem solving was again really nice and noted the fact I stated I am slightly behind however they all thought my development thus far was very well thought out and encouraged me to keep developing more work.

For contextual referencing section all students found my referencing very interesting and enjoyed reading my analysis. The next question asks about my Blog and how it is coming along- however everyone thought my blog was very reflective and is relevant to my project. Olivia write " I feel you are doing this perfectly- giving lots of visual references to different things you have explored".  These comments do encourage me to continue on with my progress and further my pace of working. The last section and in my eyes the most valuable section of the whole review was the Overall comments/ target/ advice. 

 Olivia said to keep experimenting and perhaps to create a logo for my campaign- I am defiantly going to keep developing as I feel I am no where near designing the final piece yet how ever my campaign is for the NHS so I am not going to design a logo. I could compensate this however with perhaps adding some sort of slogan.  Katie and Elizabeth both said they were not sure what my final outcome is which is completely fair as I have not started to design my motion graphic perhaps this could be corrected by looking at more motion graphic artists and this in turn will help me when creating my final piece. The final thing Charlotte said was: "Really imaginative and fun". This is very amazing feedback as it is confirmed that my initial vibe of anti-clinical has been achieved and people have realised that donating blood isn't something scary its something magical and actually makes a difference.

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