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Week 2 Creative Making week

Week two of the FMP was quite surprising we were thrown into a creative making week in which we become much more active and physical in our working time. I think this was a really good shake up because it allowed me to break away from the research even if it was only for a moment. The time away from the research also gave me time to breathe and think about what else I could look at and reflect on my research pace. We were asked in class to choose people to work within a small team of 2-5. I chose two people in Lens based media to work with as well as someone to work with in the Graphics Pathway also. Working across the different pathways will give fresh ideas and different ways of thinking things. As a group we got right into working. All students were asked to bring in several items these included:

A Map
A ball
Blue tak
Rubber bands
A sock
A Box
A Torch

Author's Own 2014
Using these items as well as other materials such as scalpels or cutting materials we were asked to create something. On the first couple of hours the four of us just explored the so many different ways we could go about pursuing this concept. Before we did start to experiment however we talked about our own projects. Dev, a Lens based media student's FMP was on Metamorphosis- Transforming something creating a sort of change. Alice, another lens based student's project is on anxiety, a fear of something different or subconscious thoughts. Jack a Graphic Design student's project is about British Independency- A break away from the EU or staying within. My project is about campaigning to give blood, changing people's mindset. Our common ground for all our projects is change- finding out this information we have decided we want to make something that changes. We used the day to film different experiments and brainstorm ideas, although we did not pinpoint a final idea. We used social networking to propose ideas to each other uploading sketches and discussing using the voice recorder to get across passion.

Author's Own 2014
Author's Own 2014
We decided upon the final idea (seen below). The idea was based around a puzzle box which would need interaction to function. This is meant to carry the concept that change is an interacting thing it needs people to change to create the change. The idea is a sort of cone like shape would be shut closed and require certain paperclips to be pulled in order to open the structure. The tricky part is there are hundreds of paperclips to choose. On the inside is a message to reinforce the idea of change. The atmosphere on the inside will be a complete contrary from the outside a change. In order to create the piece we would need to collaborate to make the design. The lens based media and the graphics pathways timetable is different therefore we would need to be direct in assigning jobs to create the piece. Dev and Alice would use the Tuesday they have in class to design and then construct the outside and mechanism for the paperclips. Jack and Me would create a Graphic typographical message in the inside on the wednesday. Alice and me would apply the paperclips to the outside on the Thursday and Jack would do any other work to finish of typography. On the Friday we would film the stop motion, create the opening titles and put it all together. This would mean our outcomes would be a finished puzzle box and a film. We did all of this and was able to work together on Friday to film and edit. It was quite hard at this point because we were running out of time. We were able to film and edit. We were not completley finished but we were able to present a film- if we had more time we would edit it more so it worked better (some clips needed to be cut short and syncing sounds etc).

Overall I really enjoyed this week I was able to get a fresh take on the week; breaking from research at uni as well as collaborating with students from a different pathway to get a much different perspective. I also believe the project has really helped my project. I have been able to understand how starting from something so physical can be just as effective as starting from an idea on a page. It also really gave me a a new way at looking at change. I really believe that change requires physical involvement and mental involvement therefore creating a puzzle box which people would need to work out and touch is much like giving blood. You need to get involved, call up, make an appointment and then go to it.

Author's Own 2014
Author's Own 2014
Author's Own 2014
(Here is the link to the final video)

[Notes taken for Motion Graphic discussion]

Opening Motion Graphic
to show a distinctive change (in motion graphics)
opening should be dark
names and titles
title 'change'

Dev Joshi
Jack Hubert
Alice Geary
Victoria Geary

change/break apart- destroyed

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