Friday, 7 March 2014

Final Major Project Proposed Idea via board.

Author's own 2014
Above you can see the board in which I presented to my crit. The board proposes my final chosen Idea for my FMP. I have chosen to campaign for donating blood. I hope to aim to people of younger generation because of the lack of donors from this age group. It is vital more donors to come forward so that the future is guaranteed for blood donations. It is something close to me as my mum has given blood for as long as I can remember and I have come of age to give blood.

 I hope to look into the Science museum and find out more about the medicine behind it. Furthermore looking a great deal into the NHS and the information provided so that when I campaign I have the right information to inform. I wanted to look into the First thing first manifesto as this is a manifesto I am strongly compelled to. Although I have yet to establish myself in the design industry I hope then when I am an active member that I consider doing design work for good causes and not just to package beans. I'm hoping this campaign will bring good. I do not want a clinical feeling so I put down some colorful designers like Morag studios who uses bright bold typography and iconography in there work. I want my work to be relatable to colourful and life in general not just statistics on a piece of paper I want it to reach people. 

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